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registering with the tax authorities

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income tax
income taxation in Germany

Hessisches Ministerium der Finanzen - Kerstin Canzio
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Work in Hessen
Welcome Center
Hessische Staatskanzlei
State Chancellery
Hessische Staatskanzlei - Martin Kraft
Service Portal of the state of Hessen
Service Point Financial Center Frankfurt PIA Stadt Frankfurt am Main - Tanja Schäfer
study in hessen Oberfinanzdirektion Frankfurt am Main
Federal Republic of Germany
Federal Ministry of Finance
Bundesministerium der Finanzen
Federal Central Tax Office Bundeszentralamt für Steuern
Make it in Germany
Federal Foreign Office
European Commission pixelio
Contact Telefone helpline Finanzamt Frankfurt am Main IV - Klaus Stollberg
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Press and Public Relations Officer at the Oberfinanzdirektion Oberfinanzdirektion Frankfurt am Main
Taxpayer Service Centre of Frankfurt Finanzamt Frankfurt am Main IV - Klaus Stollberg
About us Welcome Message from the Minister of Finance of the State of Hessen  Hessisches Ministerium der Finanzen